Youtube alternatives for video content creators

When it comes to video portals, YouTube has been the indisputable leader in the game. With over a billion users, i.e., over one-third of all internet users, YouTube has been a sensation and unbeatable in the video industry. You can easily post videos and embed them onto any external site with just a few clicks. However, YouTube can create frustrations among video creators as well as users. It’s hard to avoid ads and censorship leading to copyright issues and data collection. Google owns YouTube and Google keeps changing its monetization policy way too often. Hence, many video creators have started to look for Youtube alternatives.

We have shortlisted some of the best YouTube alternatives for video creators below.


V-played is one of the best YouTube alternatives. It provides unbiased monetization options for small and big video creators. V-played offers complete ownership, multiple monetization options, one-time payment, and quick launch. Its video content management system even fits into platforms of any server with zero buffer.

Daily motion

Daily motion is a solid platform for video content creators and follows almost a blueprint of YouTube’s layout and category format. One can easily earn revenue from a variety of streams out of Dailymotion’s monetization offerings. It is easy to navigate with the professional video quality. As it is similar to YouTube, video creators might find Daily motion simpler and easier to use due to the familiarity with Youtube.


With an offering of 55% of the ad revenue, Facebook provides a great platform for video creators. Although it hasn’t provided monetization options yet, it is easy to upload videos as Facebook provides all the guidelines necessary for creators to attract more target audiences. One can also use its exclusive tools for creating and promoting streaming videos. 


Instagram, the world’s most popular social media platform, has introduced its streaming service namely Igtv. It allows users to upload lengthier videos unlike its usual format of 1 min.

 You can upload a video up to 15 minutes long via mobile device, whereas you can upload a video up to 60 mins long via desktop. The monetization is still in the testing phase, but it is on its way. Igtv is one of the best choices for video creators specializing in short videos. All you have to do is create an Instagram account and you get access to the Igtv feature for free.


Kaltura is the open-source YouTube alternatives to earn money. One can easily communicate and reach their targeted audience without any boundaries. It has inbuilt transcoding along with other video enhancing features providing you with the finest quality. Kaltura also offers video marketing tools that make the viewing experience more appealing with an interactive player.


With an average of 46 billion minutes watched per month and 3.7 million twitch broadcasters, twitch is a top platform for posting live videos, live events, streaming, live coverage, various talk shows, and similar format videos.  It is also popularly known for broadcasting music videos, festivals, and concerts. As it is mostly for streaming, it might not be as useful for video creators who create pre-recorded videos.


Vimeo is a great streaming solution provider and also has more reliable monetization offers than YouTube. With its easy-to-use interface, one can browse videos by categories and not necessarily by channels. It also has included some of the tv shows. This platform uses OTT(on-demand branding) which is unique as well as highly useful in 2020. You can watch videos with lesser distractions.

One of its cons is that it limits video uploads by 500 MB per week. A premium monthly fee is required if you would want to upload more.


Patreon is one of the top choices for video creators as it provides plenty of support to video creators who deliver content daily. One can post videos, vlog series, regular podcasts, etc. from this platform. This monetization platform provides the public with the option to support the content creators they enjoy watching. Users can freely donate any amount to the content creators they enjoy watching. It is one of the best platforms for video creators to connect with the public. It has very few alternatives to a platform like Patreon. Henceforth, it might be difficult to find any replacement if Patreon discontinues its services for whatever reason.