Top Android Educational Apps for Kids

Education has been more accessible over the past few decades. Students can learn from home using the internet. On top of that, programmers have developed many educational apps. Here is a list of the Android educational apps for kids:-

  • ABCmouse
  • Amazon Kindle
  • ClassDojo
  • Cram.com Flashcards
  • Duolingo
  • DragonBox series
  • Khan Academy
  • PBS Kids Video
  • Pocket Code
  • YouTube Kids

ABC Mouse

ABCmouse is one of the best learning programs for children aged three to eight years. This app has a full curriculum for subjects like math, art, music, reading and more. ABCmouse has gamified the learning process. It can track and monitor progress which is actually quite good for schooled children. It has more than 70,000 classrooms and has over 10,000 learning activities. You can get this app for free, but you have to pay a reasonable fee to access the premium content. It will run well in high ended devices, but it’s not the best match for budget devices with low ended specs.

Amazon Kindle

Let’s be honest; reading is rewarding. There is no denying that solid reading skills help pretty much everyone. Amazon Kindle is probably as steady of an eReader stage as you can jump on versatile. Moreover, it incorporates a huge load of books that are both child and grown-up inviting. Additionally, Kindle has made many books publicly available and easy to download.

Get your children a few books, and develop their reading skills. It’s unquestionably one of the great learning applications for youngsters. Individuals who aren’t fanatics of Kindle can likewise look at Google Play Books or Nook.

Class Dojo

In this list, we will talk about one of the virtual classroom-style learning apps for kids. Through this app, all parents, students and teachers can interact with each other. Teachers can communicate with students about their educational needs and also parents can stay up to date on their children’s education and kids can learn easily with full attention. Unlike many, this is not the exact replacement for physical classrooms but it will act more as a positive reinforcement and communication tool to keep everyone on the same page.

Flash cards

Cram.com’s Flashcards is a study application. It permits you to make cheat sheets about any subject. This is an incredible report that helps practically everyone. The application highlights cross-stage synchronizing and works both offline and online. Every user in the flashcard can have up to 100 cheat sheets. The premium can have added numbers of cheat sheets. The main disadvantage is that it’s genuinely costly to go premium.


Duolingo is one of the best educational apps for kids to learn a new language. It supports various languages such as French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish and even English. It is so popular because it’s completely free to download and use. Some apps have hidden fees after downloading but this app has no hidden fees, and the app purchase is optional. It’s is effortless, fun and free to use. You can buy the premium version if you need some extra features.

Dragon Box Series

Dragon Box Series is a set of educational games that will help kids for learning basic math fundamentals. There are maybe five learning apps for kids in total. Only a few deal with algebra and geometry. Generally, math is one of the hard subjects for every student, so it might be good to start young when teaching these concepts. This app is not free at all. All of its five games require an up-front payment, but none of them have in-app purchases.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids has lots of lessons and topics for kids, including simple math, reading and literacy, language, motor skills and development and more. It is a type of app that focuses on critical thinking and emotional intelligence. This app has added some animal characters to make it feel friendly for kids so they enjoy it while studying. It is super easy to use for both parents, teachers and children. The best thing about this app is that it comes with a free version. Moreover, there are no in-app purchases or advertisements.

Youtube kids

YouTube Kids is a side project of the customary YouTube application that is made and curated particularly for youngsters. It has instructive recordings, amusement substance, and more that are explicitly picked for youthful personalities. YouTube by far, is an incredible stage for essentially everything and it’ll be a decent move to teach your children the best way to utilize it early.

Pocket Code

Pocket Code is one of the best apps for beginners to learn programming. This will teach kids how to code. Kids and even adults can benefit from this app. It will teach you how programming works and some basic programming logic. This app has a visual learning style with drag and drop features. It can be fun for kids to enjoy programming. This app is developed by a non-profit organization and is free to download.