Six Ways To Build Your Personality Using Technology

Bad habits and behaviors repel many people away from you, while a good personality attracts people toward you. You must have decent mannerisms, etiquette, language, and appearance to make new friends, secure a good job and perform better in society. A person’s personality is mostly associated with their upbringing. We start developing a sense of justice, morality, courtesy, generosity etc from an early age. These values shape our personality. So, we must keep developing them as we grow into an adult. Technology has made resources and information accessible for everyone. Here are six ways you can utilize technology to build your personality:


Books are filled with information; information creates awareness and awareness leads to change. You can freely access and download thousands of e-books available on the internet. Books on self-improvement and success stories will give you positive thoughts and help you make better decisions. Reading and listening to positive things regularly teaches you valuable lessons, reinforces those ideas, and motivates you. However, negative thought paralyzes you and makes you lazy and hesitant to work on your self-improvement. This slight difference in your thought process determines between wasting your time or utilizing that time for something productive.


Your physical well-being and your mental well-being are equally important. Exercising improves not only your physical appearance but also your concentration, discipline, and self-esteem. These factors are important everywhere, at home, school, or workplace. If you overlook this, it will affect how you behave and perform in those places. However, if you are busy at your work, use a fitness app to help you prepare a plan that fits your schedule.

Online conversation

People enjoy good conversations. So people are more willing to help good communicators and open up to them. If you are not very good at it, you may create an awkward atmosphere. Being good in conversation is all about knowing the balance between listening and responding to the topic of conversation. However, it isn’t easy to put it into practice. Most people struggle with talking to others, especially strangers or the opposite sex. Maybe you are too shy or nervous. It can be an intimidating experience as you might be confused about what to say or go blank because you can not keep up with the conversation.

To improve your conversation skills, you can use an online platform. There are many texting and video chat sites that you can use to practice your conversation skills. Being attentive and listening to people speak makes them feel heard and they will admire you as a good listener. Good speakers are usually good listeners. As you engage in more conversations with people alike from different walks of life, you continue to learn something new and interesting. You can put this into practice in your future conversations. Being well informed about things makes the conversation interesting and engaging.

Online journal

As humans, we tend to dive into our old memories and relive our experiences regularly. Being able to replay our good and bitter memories makes these experiences even more cherishable. We can relish those moments in our memory and we can cherish them. The best way to document our daily events and experiences is to write them down. By recording these experiences and emotions, you can learn from your mistakes. You can reflect on your regrets and understand yourself better. The best way to measure your growth as a person is by comparing your past with your present. You can find what bad habits you have dropped, what new hobbies you have adopted, and how much more you have to learn.

If you write down your entries in your journal, you might lose them or someone might read about your personal life. So, you can use online journal sites or apps to keep your writings secure and accessible.

Online volunteer work

There are many virtual volunteer work opportunities you can take part in from your home. Many international organizations run a virtual program that acts as a bridge between volunteers and organizations worldwide. You can help with writing and editing, translation, technology services, research, and designs to help non-profit organizations. You can also participate in volunteering by sharing your story with NGOs and advocacy campaigns about a challenge you went through and how you overcame it to inspire someone to donate or help someone struggling with similar problems. Volunteering can teach you about the gift of giving and learn to be grateful for what you have. After all, generosity and humbleness are a big part of building a good personality.

Picking up new hobbies

You can create a lot of new experiences by picking up new hobbies and engaging in them regularly. In turn, these new experiences keep your brain active. Being well-informed about different things also makes you easily approachable. You may enjoy traveling or you may be fascinated by cars or bikes. You can learn about singing, drawing, dancing, playing an instrument, learning to code, 3D modeling etc through online guides or Youtube videos.