How to transfer files, documents, apps from one device to another?

Switching over a new mobile is a hassle, especially when transferring the apps, files, and documents from one device to another. You may want to make sure that all you comfortably transfer your data and files over your new phone.

Android typically has tight integration with cloud services. But there are some ways in which the data can be transferred with ease from one phone to another. You can transfer the data from one phone to another by using some third-party apps and services or by NFC and Bluetooth. Sometimes, sending large amounts of files through Bluetooth will be difficult and slow while using different methods will make the process faster and easy. We will show you those methods in this article. Ok, let’s talk about some of the apps we can use to transfer files and documents from one device to another.

How can we transfer apps and data easily?

Mobiletrans has a simple yet effective user face that can transfer contacts, messages, music, video, apps, photos and other data from your device very easily. This app is available for many platforms like Windows, Mac and both Android and iOS.

Mobile trans-Phone transfer

  • First of all, install and open the software on your computer. Then, select the phone transfer module.
  • In the second step, connect two of your Android phones to the computer or laptop. And wait until it get detects your two phones. After that, you can press tick on apps and click on the start button.
  • Now wait for a while until all of your apps on your old Android phone transfer to new or other Android phones

Note: Mobile trans also allows to transfer of Whatsapp data from one phone to another. It can send all WhatsApp chat history, photos, and documents.

How can we transfer the files, documents and apps from one device to another via the NFC feature through your phone?

Near Field Communication(NFC) can transfer the file data amongst the Android phone wirelessly using Android Beam. Android Beam comes by as the finest of alternatives used to share apps among Android phones or tablets. You can also share the photos, videos, maps and webpages.

However, one needs NFC equipment and Android Beam on both phones. Various phones have an inbuilt NFC uphold. That includes Amazon Firephone, Apple iPhone S, XR, XS and XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Pixel 3.

How can we check whether the two phones are NFC-supported phones or not?

  • To check whether your phone is NFC supported or not, go to Settings on your phone and click more under wireless and networks.
  • Now, if you see that NFC and Android Beam option, then, of course, your phone supports NFC & Android Beam. If the NFC is disabled, then enable it to use its features.

How to share files from one phone to another using an NFC?

  • On Android devices, open the app page over Google Play.
  • The subsequent stage is to send the content uisng Android Beam. Both of the Android devices should enable the Android Beam.
  • At the point when the NFC association is set up, you will hear a sound.
  • A touch to beam shows up over the screen, thus does an energized foundation.
  • When you contact a thing over the screen, it shows up over the other phone’s screen.

How to transfer files documents through Bluetooth?

Similarly, applications can be moved from one Android phone to the next by utilizing APK records over Bluetooth. APK represents Application Package. This is distinctively a bundle document design that the Android working framework employs.

First, install the APK extractor app from Play Store. If you already have an APK extractor, then make sure it is fully updated to avoid any problems.

Send app from APK extractor

  • Open the APK extractor on your phone.
  • Select the app you want to send and tap on share.


Last but not least, we have a Shareit app that you can easily download from the Play Store. This is available on different platforms like Android, Mac, and Windows and is a popular file-sharing app. It is a helpful Chinese app that you can transfer files, documents easily. This app has a simple and easy interface and you can send unlimited files and documents. This is a free app but it takes too much processor and RAM on your mobile and cannot run easily on low-end devices. You may have to remove all the apps running in the background if you want to use it and work smoothly.

So if you got any problem simply comment down below.