How To Modify A Car?

You can modify your car by replacing or adding parts to improve its performance, utility and appearance. Cars are generally ready-made products; how they look and perform is predetermined to cater to the potential buyers’ needs. You may have the exact picture of the ideal car in your mind but unable to find it even after visiting dozens of car dealerships, or you may be too selective. Probably, you are dissatisfied with your car’s looks and feels. Regardless of the case, you can modify your car to spice things up without investing in a new car. Every individual needs to analyze the cost-benefit before they modify a car. Additionally, if you ever decide to sell your car, modifications can be a talking point. Modifications can increase your car’s value provided that you replaced them with more expensive parts. Here are some suggestions to help you modify your car:


Tires are the first thing that comes to mind when people are asked about car modification. They help determine traction, speed, acceleration, braking and turning. High-performance tires are durable and offer better traction. The speed of a car can vary depending on the tires’ speed rating. If you live in an area where winter can be harsh, you must have different sets of tires, one for summer and the other for winter.

Suspension system

Your car’s suspension system makes your driving smooth by absorbing the shocks due to the bumps in the road. Replacing your car’s shocks and springs with better parts will improve the tires’ contact with the road. This, in turn, increases traction, which ultimately makes accelerating, braking, and turning better. Coil-overs are adjustable shocks and springs. They are highly customizable and allows you to change the vehicle’s height as your preference. Keep in mind that the lower the vehicle’s height, the lower is its center of gravity. A lower center of gravity provides better stability and better control of the vehicle.

Cold air intake

The stock intake preinstalled with your car is inefficient in comparison to the cold air intake. In fuel injection-based cars, the cold air intake sucks cool air into the engine for combustion. Cool air is denser with oxygen; this increases fuel for combustion and ultimately generates more power for the car. They also have an aftermarket air filter with a larger surface and higher volume than normal ones, which means more air can travel through it. Some intake may even include heat shielding to reduce the hot air building up in the engine and prevent the engine temperature from warming. Thus, you can improve your car’s horsepower and fuel efficiency by replacing your car intake.

Higher flowing exhaust

An exhaust system extracts the exhaust gases from a combustion engine while also reducing the noise produced simultaneously. Exhaust systems are highly modifiable, where you can change a few parts or the entire system by a new one. Parts like muffler, piping, converter and manifold can be easily replaced while keeping the whole system intact. For example, catalytic converters can reduce the toxic waste from the exhaust and reduce harmful emissions. Exhaust systems have better performance, and fuel efficiency as their larger diameters offer better airflow for combustion.

Besides functional modification, you can perform cosmetic modifications on your car to change the car’s aesthetics. Additionally, some cosmetic modifications can add an extra layer of protection to your car.

Paint job

Colors can give your car a new look and a new character. If you are bored with your old car and buy a new one, paint jobs can be the alternative. Paint jobs can make your car look as good as new. Depending on the type of coating, you can even make it weather-resistant for a certain period of time.


Your interior can be equipped with LED lighting. This improves the aesthetics and adds visibility in low lighting or at night. Just be sure not to make it too distracting or hard on the eyes. Distracting lights can be dangerous while driving on the road.

Tinted windows

You can tint your windows by applying thin laminate films on the inside or outside of your windows. Apart from giving it a sleek appearance, tinted windows block harmful UV rays and reduce heat in the car.

Changing the interior

You can change your car’s interior by changing floor mats, adding dashboard carpet, steering wheel cover, and seat cover. These changes can also make you and the passengers feel more comfortable.

Adding gadgets

You can add gadgets like dash cams, car chargers, phone holders and so on. These gadgets are affordable and can help you in a variety of ways.

You or any professional mechanic can modify your car. Simpler modifications and replacements can be done easily after watching a couple of videos on the internet. However, if you aren’t confident enough or confused about modification, you can refer to a professional mechanic. While hiring an employee can cost more, they ensure better quality. Some mechanics may try to rip you off by persuading you into buying “better” parts that might not be necessary for you. Thus, every individual needs to acquire basic car equipment knowledge. However, If you are modifying your car yourself, it’s important to know your car’s specifications and compatibility. Older models are more restrictive regarding modification, whereas newer models allow more freedom for customization.