How to get Netflix and Spotify in Nepal?

If you want to know how to get access to services like Netflix and Spotify in Nepal, then this article is for you!

In recent years, cable TV and DVD rental businesses are slowly being overtaken by digital streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video for several good reasons. Your watching experience is uninterrupted with the removal of ads, you can watch whatever you want anytime you want, your choice of device isn’t limited to just TV, the available library of TV shows and movies is massive.

Among the list of media streaming services, Netflix particularly stands out as it is one of the first services that has revolutionized media as we know it today. Netflix is a media service provider and production company that offers a subscription-based streaming service to its users for watching TV shows and movies seamlessly without any commercials.

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For most Nepalese to watch foreign TV shows and movies, piracy has always been the answer. Unethical, yes but then again most of us have our hands tied when it comes to watching that type of content legally. Besides torrenting comes with its own sort of risks like malware or the whole idea of immorality behind it.

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As such, Netflix has become an angel that descended from heaven for users that want to watch foreign media safely and ethically as Netflix lists Nepal as one of the 190 countries it is available in. Here are a few ways you can buy a Netflix subscription:

Buying with International Payment Cards

If you own an international payment card like a Visa card, Mastercard or even Paypal, you can simply go to Netflix’s website or app, create an account and buy a package plan. If you don’t own one but happen to know a relative or someone abroad willing to buy in your stead, then that works as well. But this method isn’t available to most people.

Buying from Facebook pages

There are a lot of Nepali Facebook pages that sell Netflix gift cards if you pay a small commission fee. All you have to do is pay through a payment service like eSewa, wait for them to send the code, and redeem it on your account to activate your Netflix account. However, you need to be wary of scam pages and make sure the one you’re buying from can be trusted either through friends or reviews that can vouch for the page.

Buying from an Online Shop

Online shops like Daraz, TechSansar, and NepalGiftCards also sell Netflix gift cards at varying rates for all three types of packages. Just like buying from Facebook pages, you pay from a service like eSewa and the service delivers the code to you on your email instantly or within a few hours. Make sure that if you’re buying from Daraz, you buy from a trusted vendor with a lot of good reviews as Daraz itself is a platform for vendors to sell their products; not that Daraz makes and sells all the available products.

How to Use a Netflix Gift Card?

If you bought a Netflix gift card, then you need to know how to redeem it. Before you get started, use a VPN and choose a US-based server and follow the steps:

1. Head over to this link (www.netflix.com/np/redeem).
2. Copy the code you received through text or email and paste it into the box and click on ‘Redeem’.
3. Next, you are prompted to enter your email account to which the gift card balance is to be added. Bear in mind that if you use a new account instead of the one you already used for Netflix, then you get 1 month free so you can get altogether 2 months of watch time for half the price.
4. After you input your email, you need to create a Netflix account so just click on ‘Create account’.
5. Next, you are provided with 3 plans that offer different features; choose which plan is best for you and click on ‘Continue’.
6. Enter a secure password for your account.
7. Then you need to input a zip code, you can use any zip code from a country like the US so just google it and click on ‘Redeem Gift Code’ after you’re done.
8. At Step 4, click on ‘Skip this step’ and then ‘Start membership’.
9. Netflix prompts you to enter your phone number but skip the step by clicking on ‘Continue’.
10. Choose what devices you’ll be using Netflix on.
11. If you chose a plan that offers multiple screens, you can create different profiles so that when different people use the same account their choice of TV shows, history and recommendations are unique to their own profile.
12. Close your VPN and you can now start watching.

How to buy Spotify in Nepal?

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Spotify is a digital music streaming service that offers a large library of songs to choose from. While the free version of Spotify can be pretty annoying because of restrictions like ads, shuffle-only mode, average bit rate, no offline downloads and only a few skips per hour, its premium counterpart eliminates all of the free restrictions and offers features like higher bit rate for better headphone and speaker experience, and offline downloads so you can listen to songs without an internet connection.

If you’ve been looking for a way to purchase a Spotify premium subscription because you are fed up with Youtube’s problems like constant internet requirements, copyright infringement cutting parts of a song and advertisements then you can do so through an online store.

Just like how you’d purchase a Netflix subscription, you can use an online shop like Daraz or PremiumNepal. Complete transaction through eSewa and receive code on your email. Follow the steps to redeem the code:

1. Create a Spotify account while using a VPN and using US-based server.
2. Login into your Spotify account and click on this link(www.spotify.com/redeem).
3. Input the gift card code and click on ‘Redeem’
4. Use a US zip code when prompted to enter a zip code.
5. Close your VPN and you can now start streaming your songs on Spotify.