How to check if your android touch screen is working or not?

Is your touch screen not responding properly on your phone? People face many problems on their phones and touch screen problems. Lagging is also a few of the main problems seen these days.

If you feel that your android mobile has a touch screen problem, then why don’t you check whether it is working or not. You will find out if you need to change your screen too. There are many apps for you to check whether your screen is working or not. This will find out the problem in the touchscreen and its solution too.

Touch screen Test App

So let’s start to explore this app that is an android app that covers basic things like finding dead zones on your touch screen. The touch screen test in this app has no flashy features or any banner ads which will not interrupt you; it is a blank screen which you can draw a line by using your finger to check your touch screen.

If you are unable to draw in a specific portion of your screen, then don’t worry. It will tell you that there are no touch capabilities on that specific part of your screen. This is one of the popular apps and also many people highly rated this app on the Playstore.

Since the application is entirely dedicated to testing the touchscreen, you can’t explore the in-application menu with your finger. All things considered, you need to press the Volume Up catch on your phone to make it show up. When it’s on the screen, you can spin through the menu with Volume Down. At that point, press Volume Up to choose a choice. It’s not extremely natural, but rather it’s important to allow you to test the screen while the menu is open.

In this app, you can find the menu option to find the useful tools or selection options to toggle and change its setting on your phone. It will make you alternate between drawing dots and lines to find and diagnose a dead spot. You can adjust the size of lines – smaller or bigger according to your choice and also, you can apply the settings that how any of your fingers is detected by the touch screen of your mobile. You can assign different colors to different fingers from the setting to test Multiple finger detection.

MultiTouch Tester

There were many features in the previous app, but if you are looking to test how many fingers your screen can register, you can install and use Multi-Touch Tester. This has a simple interface and is also one of the easiest android multi-touch screens available free for you. It has no drawing tools or any additional features. It will tell you how many of your fingers can handle your mobile touch screen at once.

If you use all of your ten fingers at once, then the Multi-touch tester app will number each and give them a unique color. This app will also trace the track of your total finger and registered it on the screen. Even after you leave your hand from your phone, this app can remember your highest number of touches.

Screen Test pro

Fancy something with more element-filled? If so, then check Screen Test Pro out. It accompanies many extraordinary highlights that make it an all-in-one resource for all your screen testing requirements.

To begin, Screen Test Pro takes the two touch checkers covered above and places them into one application. It contains a line-drawing highlight and a different finger analyzer, the two of which do the work very well.

It additionally accompanies a pressing factor analyzer that can check if your phone knows whether you’re tapping delicately. If your phone doesn’t have this component, your taps will possibly show an aftereffect of 1 when you contact the screen, regardless of how hard you do it. A further developed device, be that as it may, will show esteems somewhere in the range of 0 and 1, relying upon how solid you push down. The higher the number, the more pressing factor your phone recognizes.

Screen Test Pro doesn’t stop there, in any case. It has numerous devices for testing your screen’s ability to show tone and immersion. There’s a pixel counter instrument, a “breathing light” apparatus to test the perfection of shading changes, and a screen spill analyzer. The last checks if your phone can raise the backdrop illumination without making light break-in from the sides.

Screen Test Pro is an incredible all-in-one resource for testing your showcase, yet some applications play out a similar occupation for your general phone wellbeing. In case you’re intrigued, make certain to look at some applications that check if your Android phone is working appropriately.

Touchscreen test by Anton Mokshyn

Let’s begin to explore this app. The touch screen test is worth mentioning because of its assessments on your mobile screen. While talking to other testers will let you draw a pattern to find the dead spot on your screen. It is unique from other apps in that it gives you clear whereabouts of the problem.

When you boot up the application, you’ll see a clear network. When you contact a spot on the lattice, it shows green and remains as such. You can keep contacting specks on the lattice to fill them in. On the off chance that you locate a dead spot, you’ll know because the dab won’t light up. Now, you can work your way around that territory and perceive how far the dead spot comes to.

When you fully run your finger all over the screen, then you will be left with a grid where all green dots the screen in normal and black dots will sign off dead zone. After that, you can use it as a map for your phone in which you can plan to work around or a give a specialist of your phone to be repaired.