How important is the code style readability?

The project lead or product manager always emphasizes better coding styles. A well-written code by one developer should be readable by another. It is just like an essay. Your readers should easily understand your content. Furthermore, a code has to be simple. If the developer stops working on the code, the next developer should be able to seamlessly continue the work using the documentation. The readability of the code represents the quality and the experience of the coder.

Do coding styles induce unreadability?

Programming language and the language that we speak generally are very similar. Language helps us to communicate with people and programming language helps us communicate with computer devices.  Here are the factors involved in the readability of the code.

  • It is the experience level, expertise in a similar language that determines language readability.
  • The time required to understand the code determines the readability of the code.
  • Coding styles are different as programmers prefer to write in their own styles.

Some people can easily understand J.K Rowlings’ writing while some might find it difficult. The readability of a code is also objective. To understand the code properly, you must have sufficient experience in the strings, syntax, and mechanics of the code.

Good code must be bug-free and must have fewer risks with the code changes. The codes must be easier for maintenance. Some programmers complicate their codes to make them unique. As a result, they diverge from the requirements. Programmers think writing code makes them good at coding. However, you also need to read and understand others’ codes to be a good programmer. the senior programmer  In the big companies takes the readability of the code very seriously. They dismiss ones’ work by simply saying the codes are unreadable by going through it within a minute.

The best way of understanding code is to able to refactor the codes. The ability to understand others’ code ensures a higher level of knowledge. Even in Game Development coding has to be understandable to all the members of the project.

“Just because people tell you it can’t be done, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be done. It just means that they can’t do it.” – Anders Hejlsberg

What is simple coding?

What seems simple to a highly skilled person may be complex for general people. Thus, ‘simple’ is an abstract concept. Codes’ simplicity depends on an individuals’ experience, skills and knowledge. Sometimes, a code may be badly written. But sometimes the programmer might lack the knowledge to understand others’ code. Instead of putting blame on the code, they should accept it and work to get better. Read the documentation, the language framework, test it before criticizing the coding styles.

Programming language

Code readability is not academic. It makes long-term differences in the overall performance of the code running for millions of users. Overall ignorance in coding and code written in the wrong manner will create wrong and unfruitful documentation.

Blaming the author or the reader is all subjective concern. The reader should be able to figure out what makes the codes functionable and identify the real need of the codes. Managing each function and protocol is very viable in programming.