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windows 10 free

Why is Microsoft Windows Free?

We all know about Windows. We have been studying it since our childhood. The first PC we ever had was surely a Windows machine. And now, …
Mobile Website Speed

Speed Up Your Mobile Website

In today’s day and age mobile devices have become extremely popular. The introduction of smartphones has the way we browse the internet. Mobile devices make up …
engine oil

Engine Oil Checklist

Engine oil is a form of liquid lubricant used to reduce wear through friction in internal combustion engines. Many moving parts work in conjunction in …
silver padlock malware

How to Protect Against Malware

Malware, or malicious software, is software designed to corrupt and damage a computer, server, or computer network. As the name implies, malware is deliberately designed …
hackers in nepal

Keep Your Device Safe From Hackers in Nepal

In today’s digital world, we perform a lot of things online. Thanks to our technological advancements, business, payment transactions, meetings, socialising, and learning are all …
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