Freelance Upwork in Nepal: How to Get Started

Upwork is a great freelancing tool for exposure. Freelance Upwork is one of the most popular choices of freelancers in Nepal among the many available to us here.

Why Freelance in Upwork?

Upwork is a great platform for freelancers who are looking to earn dollars from the comfort of their homes in Nepal. We now have good internet coverage across major cities which make it a feasible option for part-time or even full-time job. People who have highly sought after skills such as programming, graphic designing, content writing, SEO, etc should definitely give it a chance.

If you are a student you can actively spend your time learning these skills to be marketable in the global job market and earn top dollars. Freelancing offers the best option in terms of flexibility of your work life and although it is not for everyone, it may work well for you. 

Starting Upwork Freelance

Freelance Upwork sample 1

Upwork is a highly selective platform, so it is necessary for you to follow the steps below to ensure your success in the platform.

1. Creating a Good Profile

First step in starting freelancing is by creating and completing a profile that looks professional. Try to complete all the details along with a professional portfolio. You should showcase your previous works as a portfolio. If you do not have professional work to show, you should show hobbies or academic projects as well.

Here is a great article showing ways to showcase artistic projects.

For programming portfolios, I recommend using GitHub. GitHub is a great asset to add experience points in open source or other projects. You can host your own personal profile as a part of your portfolio on GitHub. 

2. Learning about Upwork

Go through all the articles in the getting started section of Upwork and learn the nuances of the platform. Each freelancing platform is different in certain aspects and it only pays to learn about the platform thoroughly.

3. Cover Letter

Learn how to write a professional cover letter. A professional cover letter in your application to job posts goes a long way in giving a favourable impression to prospective clients. It is a very important skill that will help you throughout your life in getting leads in any professional setting. 

Some things that clients value and will rate you highly for are clear communication and adherence to deadlines. As Nepali citizens, we are used to flexible deadlines all our lives. But on these platforms, we have to make sure that we only promise what we can deliver in the agreed time frame. 

4. Be Aware of Scams

Freelancing platforms are home to a lot of scams. There are systems designed to prevent and minimize such fraudulent activities and resolve conflict. As freelancing websites work through a reputation system, always look to work with reliable clients. Especially when you are new, scammers will try to exploit you.

So, read the job description properly, determine the payment method, and communicate properly on the required deliverables. It is better to be safe than sorry. Although it may take some time to get started, once you have completed some jobs and gotten favourable reviews, it will be far easier to get a regular stream of jobs. Do not get disheartened by a slow start, as having patience and persistence will pay off in the long run.