Entrepreneurial Journey! Why? Why not?

Looking at the internet you will find all those who have achieved; suggesting you to opt-out of your job and start the entrepreneurial journey. Is that so easy as they say? Will you not regret resigning from the job ?. You need to change your mindset that the journey is not going to be easy. Prepare yourself to hold in difficult times. Indeed you need to resist not achieving the milestone in a short time. If you choose this journey there is no stopping you will get addicted to it.

We only find the success stories on the internet. And we think that it is achievable which is a positive part as we need to be optimistic. However, listening to the hardship that they have faced; the failures in their journey taught them the lesson at each front. Moreover, we ignore them right at the beginning and repeat the same mistake as they. Therefore study every aspect of the startup that you will be choosing. Furthermore, get mentorship from those who have a similar kind of business; will ease you while making decisions.

Confidence, Location and skill?

There are multiple definitions of this word and for a starter, it is a test of skill and confidence. Choosing the right location, and the right employee are major factors of all business. But I believe its nature of the business that we should first gaze upon and make the right decision. Let’s say if you are into the manufacturing business. Then you may not choose the prime city location where thousands of people visit each day. It is obvious that you will choose the area where you do not get distributed. In the manufacturing process and easily get the raw materials skill set necessary.


In spite of the fact, the richest of rich are dropouts from a college; major entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree with them around 95% of the business are theirs. In addition to your skills, educational qualification is a must-drive yourself to the position of success. Moreover, read as much as you can about a startup of similar nature. Gather information from different sources and make the competent qualification.

To be an entrepreneur you need to have knowledge of the work/idea to invest time, money and almost everything in your package. Furthermore, It will be a base for you to move forward and understand the topics relatable to your business. Moreover, Education will pave the way forward.


The most important is time. You need to give as much time as you can to the business. In entrepreneurship, you will be working 24 hours. There no resting or taking a leave from the work. Where ever you go the business goes with you and you need to sort it out from anywhere to solve the problems occurring in the business. Unlike the job the definite certain hours of work this really need your time and attention.

All kind of business from small to the large are all result of an entrepreneurship. So,to be an entrepreneur you should do have an approach different to that of the others. This will lead you forward.

Nah! I can not give 365 days for a work then go for a job. You will get free time and there is no risk at all. The one and only risk is losing s job.