Easy photo editing apps

If you are looking for photo editing software for your mobile, you are in the right place. We are going to present you with the best photo editing software of all time. There are many apps, but most of them are full of ads and lack powerful features for editing the photo. Many youths want to edit photos and upload them on social media. However, they are restricted by poor photo editing apps. Many business organizations promote their services or products through pictures & images. We have brought some of the best photo editing software you may use to edit your pictures or photos.

What is a photo editor app?

It is application software that is used to edit photos on your mobile. In the business, you can create a great visual strategy to show your product professionally using your mobiles and phones.

Photo editing apps provide you a wide range of features like cropping, controlling shutter speed and adding filters. You may find an app that allows you to make collages or create automatic scenes for various scenes. So that’s why we have brought some of the photo editing apps for you to edit your photos professionally.

Passport size photo Maker

If you are seeking photos for official purposes, then this is the best app. Easy to use and clear photo quality meeting the standards of different countries for different purposes. Unlike others, this app has guidelines necessary for you to produce the best photos. If you need photos for official purposes, then this app is the best. Get it for free on Playstore and Appstore.


Snapseed is available in both Android and iOS versions. It is packed with a punch, rivaling desktop photo editors with a huge range of features and an intuitive interface. You can find many preset filters in this app, even if you want to create a filter from scratch. It also contains all the classic tools like cropping, straightening, frames, text, vignettes, etc. It also contains the sharpening feature, which does the job without making the image look grainy.

Snapseed permits you to alter the field’s profundity – picture takers can make the foundation hazy and bring the closer view significantly more into the center.

There is additionally a “Specific Adjust” device. This allows you to choose a particular region of your photograph and change the immersion, difference, and splendor of that solitary point.

Additionally, the photograph supervisor application saves your altered history so that you can revise it anytime.


Similar to Instagram, VSCO also combines a camera, editing tools, and an online community. Like in the free photos, they provide many stunning filters, making a photo look like it is taken from an analog camera. These soft and subtle filters add a touch of class to your photos compared to Instagram presets. Like they give a function to adjust with a simple slider.

It has all kinds of standard editing tools like adjustment, cropping, borders and vignettes. Also, you can use Vasco to adjust the exposure, contrast, temperature and skin tones.

After you fully edit your photos, you can share them with the VSCO’s community or any other social network like Instagram. It’s not limited only to Vsco ‘s community; you can share it to WhatsApp and SMS using the app’s in-built sharing features.

Prisma Photo editor

In our third, we have Prisma, which is available for both IOS and android. This is a free photo editing app that uses artificial neural networks, which enable users to make the photos look like they were painted by Picasso, Munch or even Salvador Dali.

You may be surprised by how much you will love this app. Also, you can pay if you want to access other premium filters, but to be honest, you already get a lot of filters for free without paying a penny. There are more than 500 creative filters you can choose from in this app.

It also has an online community that looks similar to Instagram. So after you edit your photos, you can share them to a Prisma feed or save them directly to your device without any problem or share it in WhatsApp or a similar platform.

Adobe Photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop Express took many best photograph editing features & tools from Photoshop and packaged them into a portable application. Furthermore, this free photograph editing application is easy to use on little touchscreen devices.

It has all the instruments you’d expect – editing, red-eye adjustment, brilliance, contrast, immersion, channels, borders, and so on. Notwithstanding, the most awesome aspect is its determination of shrewd channels. These channels naturally right normal issues, for example, shading temperature and openness issues.

Before you can utilize Adobe Photoshop Express, you’ll need to pursue a free Adobe ID account. At the point when you’ve wrapped up altering your photograph, save it to your gadget or offer it to other showcasing and web-based media applications.


Foodie is one of the amazing apps to take pictures of foods uniquely. Everyone wants to take pictures of the food while you go to hotels, restaurants, and homes. So this app will let you take pictures of your food in a new way that you will surely like.
This app is similar to Instagram except of all the filters and editing features. Foodie is developed with a focus on food. Likewise, you can line up the perfect bird’s eyeshot and make color pop out using Foodie. So if you are a foodie, then this app is absolutely for you. Try it and save the foodie moment.