Choosing The Right Programming Language For Development

If you are looking to learn a programming language, there are lots of options. When newcomers try to learn something new and there are far too many options, it can overwhelm them. After all, there is too much to learn about and they don’t know where to even begin. The priority should be to identify why you want to learn a new programming language and for what purpose.

Some programming languages are easy to learn, whereas some require you to remember the complex codes and patterns. There are many available options in terms of functionality, simplicity, usability, personal preference and personal need. When learning a programming language, the general rule of thumb is to start with something simple. The skills and information you learn in simpler languages will translate well when shifting into more complex programming languages. Here are some popular programming languages you should consider:


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the barebones of a webpage that you can use to write static yet functional pages. You can create a simple page managing all the text, links, and other files on a webpage. CSS in conjunction with HTML can make a web page visually appealing. Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) is a programming language that enables users to modify the color, font, layout and other visual stylization effects of a webpage. HTML and CSS are tied pretty close as HTML-only websites can look bland and too simple. Since both languages are easy to learn, it is a perfect language to start for a beginner. This will also help you understand the basic framework of what to expect when moving onto a new programming language.


Your next step should be Javascript as it has full integration with HTML/CSS. It can be written in a webpage’s HTML and it will run automatically as soon as the page loads. Javascript can execute scripts on anything with a Javascript engine, essentially eliminating the need to run a compiler.  It can also be used to design effects like animation, scrolling video, and interactive content. With a few other applications, you can learn and specialize in both front-end & back-end coding. Javascript is present on many applications and devices and almost everywhere on the internet. Without a doubt, it is the most preferred language by professional developers. Javascript is relatively easy to learn and master. Learning Javascript will put you in a good position due to its popularity, functionality, and usage.


Python is another good option due to its versatility and usability. It can be found in mobile applications development, games development, web applications, web scraping, research, etc. Python’s built-in features to test variable types, proper usage, memory management can help make application development more efficient by preemptively detecting errors and making processes like caching faster. It also makes testing in web apps easier with PyUnit, its built-in unit test framework to avoid bugs and errors. Its web scraping tools can be used for better machine learning projects, data retrieval, SEO ranking. Python’s prevalence in the coding domain makes it a good option to consider learning.


Java is a cross-platform, object-oriented programming language, not to be mistaken with Javascript. It is a general-purpose language that allows developers to run Java code on any platform that supports Java. It is prominent in enterprise application development and native Android app development. Java features a huge API library for I/O, networking, XML parsing, database connection, and almost everything else imaginable. It also synergizes extremely well with other development tools making the process smoother, easier, and faster. Because Java is so popular, there are a lot of open-source libraries that are free to use. Chances are, whatever code you were planning to achieve a certain functionality has already been well-written and published on other platforms like Apache and Google.

Most of all, Jave is free to use meaning you don’t have to worry about the budget and you can start learning right away. It has a massive community that is welcoming towards a newcomer. There are countless forums and websites you can reach out to when you are stuck and need help. All in all, Java is a solid choice. However, learning a simpler programming language beforehand might make learning Java easier in the long run.

While there are many programming languages you can choose and learn, it can still be beneficial to learn new ones. Because programming languages differ in functionality, it will become easier for you to pick up a new programming language after you master a few ones. Today, you have many resources at your disposal to learn a new language. You can learn a language from books, educational institutions, websites, or Youtube videos. As technology grows, the need for developers is also rising. If you were planning to work in the Information Technology industry, mastering a language can significantly help you.