Best GPS Trackers For Cars

Technological growth has made collecting information more accessible. One such form of communication is a GPS tracker. GPS trackers essentially communicate with several satellites orbiting the Earth. GPS can find its exact position in three-dimensional space with deadly precision after receiving signals from the satellites and mapping their locations with the tracking device. This precision and reliability have made it a popular device for personal use and on a commercial scale to track its vehicles and military vehicles and research.

GPS trackers can come in handy if you want to protect your car. While car insurance for theft exists, GPS devices can act as an added layer of security. In a robbery, you can check the car’s location and inform the authorities to apprehend the possible suspect and recover your vehicle efficiently. Though your insurance company may cover your car’s cost, you don’t want to lose your vehicle. Compared to car insurance, GPS trackers are much cheaper. Although this isn’t to say that having a GPS tracker means you should ignore having car insurance altogether. Additionally, if you share your car with other people, you can track how far they travel and where they travel. While this may sound shady, it’s best to let them know you have a GPS installed on the car. Moreover, owners can use GPS trackers for more straightforward navigation, particularly when travelling

to new places.

What to look for

Before we get into the list, let’s look at a few parameters you might want to consider before purchasing a GPS tracker.


Without a doubt, a significant factor when purchasing anything is its price. The more expensive a product is, the better it’s quality and features. However, one thing to note is that GPS trackers not only have the upfront cost, but some of them also have a subscription cost you’ll have to consider.

Additional features

GPS trackers can do more than tell you the location of a device. These features can be Location-based service (LBS), data logging & loading, Geo-fencing, SOS alert, low battery alert and so on. However, if you want to know your car’s location, you can opt for very cheap and affordable options.

Power source

GPS trackers can be battery-powered, connected to your car’s battery or both. While battery-powered trackers can last for weeks, they will also need recharging. On the other hand, trackers that need to be connected to your car won’t have the same problem, but they may not work when the vehicle is turned off, depending on the device. In short, think about what you need: do you want to get updates at regular intervals or do you want to get updates at all times.

GPS trackers

Now, if having a GPS tracker on your car seems like a good idea to you, here’s a list of GPS trackers you can purchase today for your vehicle.

Car Lock – Advanced Car Tracker

This tracker is a great all-around option for monitoring car location and security. In addition to notifying your car’s GPS location, it can also alert you of possible break-ins inside the vehicle by activities like starting the engine, removing the device or unusual vibrations. Moreover, it can also notify you of other activities like hard braking, harsh acceleration, and sharp turns. During a car crash, it can immediately send automatic alerts via SMS to emergency contacts. This can be useful if your children are driving your car and want to know how they are doing. At the end of every month, you will receive a report card on the app, which will contain information like the history of the latest routes, driving distance and driving time. It can also track your car’s electrical systems and alert you about any possible issues with the battery.

104-Pro Magnetic GPS Tracker

104-Pro by Rewire Security is a magnetic tracking device with a weatherproof casing, which means you can attach it anywhere on your car and start using it right away. Its arguably most significant selling point is in its longevity. It can last for up to 30 days in live tracking mode and up to 4 months in schedule mode, which will send you one update per day. If that is still not enough for you, you can attach it with your car’s power supply for even more longevity. Apart from impressive longevity, it also has other features like real-time alerts, remote fuel cut-off, recording 12 months of route history, etc. All tracking data comes from a site called GPSLive, and you’ll get a free one-year subscription upon purchase.


Mobile-200 is a magnetic tracking device, and the feature that makes it stand out from the rest is live audio monitoring. To use this, call the tracker from your smartphone, and you will be able to hear what’s happening near the tracker’s location. The tracker is included with a global SIM card and won’t make any noise when you call it. However, keep in mind that it only offers 2 hours of live audio per month, so don’t go around thinking you can use it for more extended periods or other dubious purposes. It provides up to 2-3 weeks of battery life and real-time tracking with 30-second updates. The downside is that the subscription cost for this device might be a bit expensive for you.


Govinda is a tracking device that is a bit different from most tracking devices. It doesn’t rely on cell networks or SIM cards and has no subscription or hidden fees. It features a very portable design, one-button SOS signalling, real-time tracking, 72 hours of battery life and a tracking range of up to 8kms. However, its initial price is significantly higher because it doesn’t have subscription costs like most tracking devices.