Best Car Phone Holders And Setup Tips

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern society. The utility of a smartphone is too good not to have it around. It can help you in numerous ways. Wherever you are, whatever you want to do, a smartphone will come in handy. All that being said, a smartphone isn’t a device you should use carelessly anywhere. As the saying goes, there is a time and place for everything.

Now, talking about smartphones and cars, their utility still shines. Navigation, emergency calls, virtual assistants, and other activities are made much simpler with smartphones. Using your phone’s GPS map or virtual assistant is more accessible than using a hard copy map or asking others for directions. However, despite the degree of utility a smartphone offers, it isn’t exactly safe to use it. Taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds to have a look at your phone can cause accidents. Bear in mind that carelessly using your smartphone while driving risks lives – yours and others too.

To make it easier to use a smartphone while driving a car, you can use a smartphone holder instead. A smartphone holder will firmly hold your phone in place for easy access where your eyes aren’t too far from the road. This also makes using smartphones a bit safer while driving. Smartphone holders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different builds and attachments. Here are some smartphone holders you can look at to get a general idea of what you can expect when buying a new one for yourself.

Manords Universal Phone Holder

Manors Universal Phone Holder is a window or dashboard-type car mount that attaches to your window with the help of a suction pad that has a toggle lever. It has adjustable lengths of up to  6.3 inches, a swivel ball head for 360° free rotation, footrest and width clamps to accommodate users’ needs and smartphones. It is sturdy and will hold your smartphone with little to no vibrations while driving. The best part of this product is the versatility in the way you want to set it up. Positioning at a window or dashboard offers better driving safety as your eyes won’t be off the road too much.

Olixar Magnetic Air Vent Holder

Olixar Magnetic Air Vent Holder is an air vent holder that grips onto your air vent for positioning. It has a round magnetic base where your phone is attached to a magnetic strip that is first applied to the back of your phone. It features 360° free rotation to allow users to view the phone at any desired dangle, small compact size. So it doesn’t create an obstruction, and it can be used with or without the phone case making it compatible with phones of any shape and size. This phone holder makes it easy to set up the phone because all you need to do is place it in one hand.

Bosynoy Dashboard Cell Phone Holder

Bosynoy Dashboard Cell Phone Holder is a phone holder that sits atop your dashboard. It features a unique clam style design that holds your phone horizontally with a non-slip mechanic, so you don’t have to worry about your smartphone falling off. While landscape viewing mode might be limiting to some users, the phone holder itself is incredibly sturdy, eliminating any form of shakiness or vibration. It is not as flexible as its other alternatives. However, its simplicity and sturdiness make up for that shortcoming.

Phone holder guide

While it might seem easy to set up a phone holder at first glance, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider. First off, make sure that your window or dashboard is clean. Suction pads will struggle to stick to a dirty surface and make the phone holder unstable, so it’s essential to regularly clean your windows and dashboard. Additionally, most dashboard mounts require you to have a flat dashboard for optimal stability. Curved or carpeted dashboards can even make dashboard mounts entirely unusable. Next, place the phone holder near you. This is to ensure that your eyes aren’t off the road at any time, and even if you need to, it won’t be nearly as dangerous. Consider that different cars can have different designs and obstacles, so consider them before buying a phone holder. If you are driving over speed bumps or rough terrain, expect some level of shakiness. It’s hard not to feel some level of precariousness when your entire car is shaking. For suction-based holders, their grip can vary according to temperature. So if you drive around hot temperatures and a lot of harsh sunlight, make sure the suction pads are heat tolerant; otherwise, they will come off from time to time. Finally, avoid cup holders. Cup holders are phone holders that are positioned in the cup holder of your car. Because you’ll have to look down and away from the road, these can be extremely dangerous to use, so avoid them entirely.

While phone holders make driving safer, they cannot remove the danger of using phones while driving entirely. Sometimes, you’ll need to use your phone for urgent activities and might get distracted for a while. The best form of driving safety comes from the driver. No amount of gadgets can change that. If you need to do something on your phone, it’s better to stop your car and, if possible, avoid using your smartphone while driving entirely. It is a lot easier than we think. Remember that safety should be of utmost importance, and you should do everything you can to protect yourself and others.