Best Antivirus Software for Mobile

Many people in the world are using mobile phones and that’s why it is the target of many hackers. Using mobile phones without security for a long time is not good at all. You may think that Android security can save you from being a victim, but that’s not true at all. Now hackers perform different kinds of phishing activities. They install viruses like malware, spyware and keylogger on your mobile without your prior knowledge. To stop this kind of activity in your mobiles, you need to install antivirus software. Hackers can steal your money from your bank using your mobile phones. To be safe from this kind of activity, I recommend installing an antivirus app on your mobile. This article will remove the difficulty of choosing one of these apps.

Here are some of the best antivirus that are available in Playstore both for free & premium version :

Bitdefender Mobile Security

First, we have Bitdefender Antivirus Software that provides you excellent protection on your Android device. It has many killer features, including anti-theft and top-notch capabilities. This antivirus app has got a full mark on the latest AV-Test roundup. Major independent antivirus test lab including AV-Comparatives has observed an impressive security rate of 99.9 %.

It provides you real-time protection for the Google Chrome browser and has an autopilot feature that makes intelligent recommendations for security. It depends upon your system and its typical usage pattern.

Additionally, a clever protection consultant tool adds a layer of security to your smartwatch. Ising its WearOn innovation, Bitdefender alarms you if you coincidentally give up your phone number. The interesting fact is that it also provides VPN security with a daily limit of 200 MB.

There are many anti-theft capabilities in this software. It allows you to remotely access, locks your device and sends a message to the phone or tablet. If your phone is stolen or lost, you need to format all your data remotely.

Norton Mobile Security

In the second list, we have Norton mobile security software available in both Android and Windows. You can easily download it from the Playstore for free. Norton has a feature like App advisor that checks apps for the privacy policy of your mobiles.

This mobile security also got top marks for the security by AV-Test’s. Other features in the phone call blocking protection towards spam phone calls and wifi security alerts when connected to the public wifi or unsecured wifi network. Additionally, anti-theft features allow you to remotely lock your phone or wipe out all the data if you lose your phone.

This amounts to an amazing degree of assurance for your Android device. Yet are there any disadvantages here? All things considered, the application is expensive and the cost is in the range of Bitdefender Antivirus. However, it is an astounding purchase that protects 3 Android devices, not only 1.

Avast Mobile Security

Antivirus giant Avast has created another quality application which exceeds any expectations being an unremarkable scanner. The free test labs exceptionally appraise its overall infection checking feature. Avast Mobile Security incorporates an enemy of burglary framework permitting you to follow and remotely lock (or wipe) your Android device if you lose your phone. Some fascinating execution upgrading highlights include a garbage cleaner to free up some space and a ‘Slam help’ that accelerates your device.

While Avast mobile security used to be available only in the paid version, it is currently available for free but with advertisements. Another beneficial premium feature is ‘in-application locking’. With this feature, your device will request a PIN before opening certain applications, which prevents malware from dispatching applications, for example, web banking, naturally.

AVG Antivirus Free

It is another high-quality security software for your Android mobile and you can easily download it from Playstore for free. If you can’t find it, then you can download it from its official website on Google. It will provide you an impressive and great level of protection without any cost. Furthermore, it uses the same and well-liked antivirus engine as avast.

I am not saying that both products are the same in comparison. However, it lacks some features that you found in avast for free. But it is still built around a robust core antivirus protection—also, anti-theft features like locking the phone, locating the phone and formatting the phone. As Avast, it is ad-supported, but if you upgrade it to a premium level, you will get rid of all advertising.

The Pro version of Avg comes with lots of extra features than in the free version. Also, it includes extra anti-theft features. For example, if someone changes the SIM in your phone, the alarm will go off and your phone will lock automatically.

There are many other features like increasing the battery life, phone’s performance by killing the unnecessary process in the phone and increasing the storage capacity by deleting the junk files like cache and temp folder.

Note that you can use all pro features for at least 2 weeks but after that, you have to upgrade to the premium version to continue using it. It has so many incredible features that there is no doubt in this app that it has more than 100 million downloads and has got over 6.5 million reviews on the google play store and 4.5 ratings.

You can choose one of them to secure your mobile from viruses or ransomware and increase mobile performance.