Anker PowerDrive

Smartphones have become important in most people’s lives that one feels paralyzed without them. Though battery technology has grown over time, you need to charge your electronic device at some point. Whether you are commuting or going on long trips, car chargers can be useful when you don’t have enough battery for your smartphone or other chargeable devices. Car chargers are connected to the cigarette’s socket and derive power from the car’s battery. They essentially charge your phone with the help of your car’s battery, eliminating the need to charge it beforehand or carry a secondary power source like a power bank or a backup battery.

You might be wondering why you need a car charger if your car already has a charging port for smartphones. The reason is car chargers aren’t safe. When you are charging directly through the vehicle, it generally provides 12V. On average, smartphones use around 5V and the adapter is capable of regulating the voltage safely. However, if the adapter is malfunctioning or not appropriate with your smartphone as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, it might send too much power while charging the phone. Eventually, it will damage the phone’s battery which isn’t easy to notice at first. Knowingly or unknowingly, if you continue to use it, it will damage your phone’s charging port or the motherboard itself or other bigger losses costing more to repair your device. Additionally, the car’s built-in charging port can also be very slow compared to regular phone chargers or a car charger.

What to look for

Car chargers vary in performance due to different factors. Let us look into these factors briefly to understand better what you should be looking for when buying a car charger.

Ampere output

Ampere output determines the speed of charging your device; the higher the rating, the faster the speed and vice-versa. An Ampere rating of 2.1 Amps per USB port is considered good for charging your device at a fast speed. Anything below it is generally seen as slow and unappealing. So when you are buying a car charger, make sure it has a rating of 2.1 Amps per USB port to charge your phone at a decent speed.

Number of USB ports

As you already know, a single USB port is only good for a single device. If you carry passengers in your car or you have to charge your multiple devices frequently, it’s best to look for a car charger that has multiple USB ports. This ensures you can enjoy charging your devices without quarreling over whose turn it is. You’ll generally find chargers that feature 2-4 USB ports for charging.

Charging Cable

Some models of car chargers will have a permanently attached charging cable. This reduces the convenience value as you won’t be able to carry or use it around easily. This also means you will be forced to buy a completely new charger if you damage it by dropping it. Detachable charging cables, on the other hand, provide more flexibility. If the cable stops working, you only need to replace the cable while the charger stays in working condition.

You will also want to make sure that the car charger you are buying is compatible with the device you are intending to use.

The PowerDrive lineup from Anker, a popular manufacturer of charging devices, is one of their many lineups focused on car chargers. They offer affordable prices with better-charging speed, better safety and better utility than the conventional in-built charging port available in cars.

PowerDrive lineup

Now, let’s look at a few products from the PowerDrive lineup to see what good car chargers are like.

PowerDrive 2

The PowerDrive 2 is a very cheap and affordable option that offers 4.8 amps of charging power. It features two USB ports which means you can comfortably charge two different devices at 2.4 amps which is a very fast charging speed. The design itself is very compact and has LED lighting, so you can easily locate the device at night. It is compatible with a wide range of common smartphones and tablets and has a great safety value as it can protect your device against shorts, surges and other types of danger. For a simple car charger, the PowerDrive 2 will do the job just fine.

PowerDrive III Duo

The PowerDrive III Duo is a high-end car charger that offers 2.4 amps of charging power. The body itself has fireproof construction and LED lighting so that it can be easily located at night. It features two charging ports but does not make any sacrifices on the charging speed. It is reliant on PowerIQ 3.0, which is Anker’s own most advanced charging technology. This means that devices will be charged at the fastest possible speed. It also offers superior compatibility to the PowerDrive 2. As for safety features, it has overload protection, temperature control, and other basic safety controls. If you want the best charging speed, safety and utility, PowerDrive III Duo is the way to go.

PowerDrive 5 Ports

The PowerDrive 5 Ports is another option that provides 10 amps of charging power across its impressive 5 different USB ports. The device’s body is cubical and sturdy, making sure it stays in place and doesn’t turn over easily. Moreover, it offers a 3ft cable and amazing durability with its bend lifespan. It is also very safe to use because of its safety features like surge protection, temperature control, short circuit prevention and overcurrent protection. The PowerDrive 5 Ports makes itself the ideal choice for you if you need a car charger with lots of charging ports because it has plenty of charging ports and still doesn’t compromise its Ampere rating per USB port.